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Replacement Clevo Laptop Battery

Clevo laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the clevo laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every clevo battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and clevo laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Clevo Battery Listed by Part No.

1034t-003 1034t-004260730 261750261751
6-87-m66ns-4ca 906c5040f 906c5050f
908c3500f 90nitlild4su1 90nitlilg2su1
916c4230f 916c4540f 916c5110f
916c5180f 916c5190f 916c5220f
916c5280f 916c5340f 916c7040f
957-1034t-003 980c3890f batel80l6
batel80l9 batfl91l6 batsqu511
Bty-m66 C.201s0.001 cbpil44
cbpil48 cbpil52 cbpil72
cbpil73 gc020009y00 gc020009z00
gc02000a000 gc02000ak00 gc02000am00
gc02000an00 gc02000au00 gc02000av00
id6 id6-2200 id9
Idst-9 s91-0300240-ce1 s91-030024x-ce1
s91-0300250-ce1 87-m308s-4c5 m300bat-6
m310bat-6 m375bat-6 m360bat
m360bat-12 m360bat12 87-m35cs-498
m350bat m350bat-12 87-m36cs-496
Bat-3722-B Bat-3790-B Bat-3880-B
Bat-3722-A Bat-3790-A Bat-3880-A
m360bat-6 87m36cs496 m375bat-12
m380bat-6 m300bat6 87-m400a-4d6
387-m40as-4d6 87-m45cs-4d4 87-m45cs-4d4a
m400abat-12 d700tbat-12 87-d70ts-4d61
Qxs-Bat-Ion 87-d408s-4c5 87-d408s-495
87-d408s-4d5 87-d408s-4e5 Bat-4020
Bat-4094 bp400s m22bat-8
87-m12cs-49e 87-m12cs-49f m120bat-4
87-m375s-4d5 87-m38es-4d4 m385ebat-6
87-d70ts-4d614 6-87-m62cs-4d78 6-87-m62es-4d71
6-87-m62es-4dk2 6-87-m62es-4dk4 6-87-m63es-4d7b
6-87-m63es-4da1 6-87-m63es-4dkb m620nebat-10
m620nebat-4 m620nebat-6 87-m54gs-4d3
87-m54gs-4d31 87-m54gs-4d32 87-m54gs-4d3a
87-m54gs-4d4 87-m54gs-4j4 Bat-5420-A
Bat-5422 Bat-5522 Bat-5560-A
m540bat-6 m545bat-6 87-m52gs-4df
87-m52gs-4kf m520gbat-4 m520gbat-8
87-m40as-4d6 87-m45cs-4d42 m450cbat-6
87-d618s-498 87-d618s-4e8 87-d628s-4e8
87-d638s-4e8 87-d6b8s-4e8 Bat-6120
bat6120 w2cd61 87-m12cs
m120bat-8 6-87-c480s-4p4 c4500bat-6
m660bat-6 m660nbat-6 m740bat-3
m740bat-6 6-87-m72ss-4d42 6-87-m72ss-4sf2
Bat-7350 Bat-7350-8 Bat-m735t
m720bat-4 m720bat-8 m720sbat-4
m720sbat-8 6-87-r130s-4d7 r130bat-8
6-87-m62es-4dk1 p180hmbat-3 p180hmbat-8
6-87-m810s-4zc 6-87-m815s-4zc2 6-87-m817s-4zc1
m810bat-2 6-87-w84ts-427 6-87-w84ts-4z91
w830bat-3 w830bat-6 w860bat-6
6-87-w540s-4271 6-87-w540s-4w41 w540bat-6
63am43028-Oa Sdc mb401-3s4400-s1b1 mb402-3s4400-s1b1
mb403-3s4400-g1b1 mb403-3s4400-g1l3 mb403-3s4400-s1b1
w217bat-6 6-87-m110s-4d41 6-87-m110s-4df
m1100bat m1100bat-3 m1100bat-6
6-87-r130s-4d72 6-87-r130s-4df1 6-87-r130s-4df2
r130bat-4 m980bat-4 m980bat4
6-87-m980s-4x51 687m980s4x51 w110bat-6
87-d900ts-476 87-d90cs-4d6 87-d9tas-4d6
d900tbat-12 6-87-w370s-427 6-87-w370s-4271
6-87-w37ss-427 w350etq w350stq
w370bat-8 w370et w370st
m1000-bps3 m1000-bps6 m2000-bps3
6-87-w740s-42e1 w740bat-6 tn120rbat-4
6-87-tn70s-4de tn70mbat-4 6-87-p157s-4272
p157smbat-8 6-87-w860s-421a 6-87-w86s-421a
6-87-w87s-421a w860bat-3 6-87-x720s-4z71
x7200bat-8 d450tbat-12 87-d45ts-4d6
87-8888s-498 87-8888s-4e8 Bat-8814
Bat-8880 Bat-8890 Bat-8894
bat8814 bat8880 bat8890
bat889 6-87-m59ks-4d6 6-87-m59ks-4d63
6-87-m59kx-4k62 87-m59ks-4d6 m590kbat-12
6-87-p37es-427 6-87-p37es-4271 p370bat-8
6-87-x510s-4d7 6-87-x510s-4d72 6-87-x510s-4j7
6-87-x710s-4271 6-87-x710s-4272 6-87-x710s-4j7
6-87-x710s-4j72 p150hmbat-8 6-87-m720s-4m4
6-87-m72ss-4d41 m720bat-2 m720sbat-2
6-87-c550s-4pf 6-87-c550s-4yf c5500bat-4
6-87-p375s-427 6-87-p375s-4271 p375bat-8
6-87-w130s-4d7 w130hubat-6 6-87-w230s-4271
w230bat-6 6-87-w15es-4v4 6-87-w15es-4yp
vnb142 w240bat-6 w240bubat-3
w240bubat-6 6-87-w310s-42f w310bat-4
6-87-w547s-424 6-87-w547s-42f w547bat-4
w547bat-6 6-87-w650s-4d7a2 6-87-w650s-4e7
w650bat-6 w217bat-3 6-87-w217s-4df1
6-87-w345s-4w42 w340bat-6 w940bat-3
6-87-w940s-4271 w940bat-6 6-87-w940s-4241
t890bat-4 wa50bat-4 6-87-wa50s
p650bat-4 6-87-p650s-4252 w950bat-4

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

m300n m310n m350b
m350c m360b m360c
m361c m362c m375c
m375e Hasee k780e Hasee k780s-i7
p157 Series p157sm p177 Series
p177sm p177sm-A Sager np8250 Series
Sager np8250-S Series Sager np8255 Series Sager np8255-S Series
Sager np8290 Series Sager np8295 Series Schenker Xmg p704
Terransforce x811 w86 Series w87 Series
Terrans Force x7200 Series x7200 Series d450t Series
ajp888 d800p 888
888e 888es 8880
m59 m59k m590
m59ke m590k m590ke
m375ew m660je m660n
m660s m661n m665je
m665n m665s m66je
Mobinote m660je Mobinote m660n Mobinote m660s
Mobinote m661n Mobinote m665je Mobinote m665n
Mobinote m665s Mobinote m66je m375s
m37ew m385c m385e
Mobinote m300n Mobinote m310n Mobinote m350b
Mobinote m350c Mobinote m360b Mobinote m360c
Mobinote m361c Mobinote m362c Mobinote m375c
Mobinote m375e Mobinote m375ew Mobinote m375s
Mobinote m37ew Mobinote m385c Mobinote m385e
Mobinote m400a Mobinote m400g Mobinote m450c
Portanote d750w Portanote d700t Desknote d400
Desknote d400e Desknote d400h Desknote d400s
Desknote d410 Desknote d410e Desknote d410h
Desknote d410s Portanote d400 Portanote d400e
Portanote d400h Portanote d400k Portanote d400p
Portanote d400s Portanote d40ef Portanote d40ev
Portanote d410 Portanote d410e Portanote d410h
Portanote d410s Portanote d41ef Portanote d41es
Portanote d41ev Portanote d420e Portanote d420p
Portanote d420s Portanote d420v Portanote d42ef
Portanote d42es Portanote d42ev Portanote d430e
Portanote d430f Portanote d430p Portanote d430s
Portanote d430v Portanote d43ef Portanote d43es
Portanote d43ev Portanote d460 Portanote d470
Portanote d470k Portanote d470v Portanote d470w
Portanote d47ev Portanote d480v Portanote d480w
Portanote d48ev Desknote 2700 Desknote 2700c
Desknote 2700t m220s m22es
m270s m27es Mobinote m220s
Mobinote m22es Mobinote m270s Mobinote m27es
Portanote 2200 Portanote 2200c Portanote 2200s
Portanote 2200t Portanote 2700 Portanote 2700c
Portanote 2700t Portanote d220s Portanote d22es
Portanote d230s Portanote d270s Portanote d27es
Portanote d280s Mobinote m120 Mobinote m120c
Mobinote m120w Mobinote m121 Mobinote m121c
Mobinote m121w m620 Series m620nc Series
6-87-p180s-427 m810 m810l
m815 m815p m817
vnb130 w830t w832t
w840t w842t w155eu
w155u w540eu w54eu
w550 w550eu w55eu
w540 mb50 Series mb401 Series
mb402 Series mb403 Series mb402-4s2200-s1b1
mb403-4s2200-s1b1 mb50-3s4400-s1b1 mb50-3s5200-s1l5
mb50-4s2200-s1b1 mb50-4s4400-s1b1 mb50-4s5200-s1l5
6-87-w130s-4d7 m1100 Series m1110 Series
m1110q Series m1111 Series m1115 Series
r130 Series x8100 6-87-w110s-4271
Portanote 9800 Series Portanote d900 Series Portanote d900k
Portanote d900t Portanote d90k Series Portanote d90t
Portanote d9k Portanote d9t Sager np9750
Sager np9860 Sager np9880 Series Sager np9890
k590s k590s-i7 k650s-i7
k710c-i7 np6350 np6370
w350st w355stq Xmg a503
Xmg a522 Xmg a523 Xmg a722
Xmg a723 s50 s55
Viewsonic vnb108 Ciewsinie vnb120 s413
w740su Bangho et1206 tn120
tn120r tn121r tn70
tn70m m660 m661
m665 m740 m740j
m740k m740s m740t
m740tg m740tu m740tun
m741j m745 m745j
m745k m745s m745t
m745tg m745tu m745tun
m746 m746j m746k
m746s m746t m746tg
m746tu m746tun m748
m748k m748s m748tg
m760 m760j m760t
m760tg m761 m761j
m761t m761tg m762
m762j m762t m762tg
m765 m765j m765t
m765tg m766 m766t
m766tg m767 m767t
m767tg m770 m770cu
m770k m770s m770su
m770sun m771 m771cu
m771k m771s m771su
m771sun m775 m775cu
m775k m775s m775su
m775sun w760 w760c
w760cu w760k w760s
w760sua w760sun w760t
w760tg w760th w760tun
w761 w761c w761cu
w761k w761s w761sua
w761sun w761t w761tg
w761tun w763 w763c
w763cu w763k w763s
w763sua w763sun w763t
w763tg w763tun w765
w765c w765cu w765k
w765s w765sua w765sun
w765t w765tg w765tun
Sager 7620 Sager d700t Sager d750w
Sager np7620 d700 d700t
d750 d750w m620
m620nc m540 m540g
m540n m540v m541g
m541v m545g m545v
m54g m54n m54v
m550g m550n m550v
m551g m551v m555g
m555v m55g m55n
m55v Mobinote m540g Mobinote m540v
Mobinote m541g Mobinote m541v Mobinote m545g
Mobinote m545v Mobinote m54g Mobinote m54v
Mobinote m550g Mobinote m550v Mobinote m551g
Mobinote m551v Mobinote m555g Mobinote m555v
Mobinote m55g m520g m521n
m520-G m521-S m400
m400a m400e m400g
m400s Mobinote m40ae Mobinote m450
Desknote d610 Desknote d610c Desknote d610e
Desknote d610s Desknote d610su Desknote d620
Desknote d620c Desknote d620e Desknote d620s
Desknote d620su Desknote d630 Desknote d630c
Desknote d630e Desknote d630s Desknote d630su
Portanote d610 Portanote d610c Portanote d610e
Portanote d610s Portanote d610su Portanote d620
Portanote d620c Portanote d620e Portanote d620s
Portanote d620su Portanote d630 Portanote d630c
Portanote d630e Portanote d630s Portanote d630su
c4500 c4505 m72
m720 m720r m720s
m721 m721s m722
m722s m725 m725r
m725s m728t m729t
m72r m72s m72sr
m72srs m72t m730
m730sr m730t m730tg
m731 m731sr m731t
m731tg m735t m738
m738sr m738t m738tg
m73x m73x Sr m73x T
r130t Nexoc g508ii w355ss
w370ss Xmg-a723 Hasee k650c-i7 d1
Hasee k650s-i7 Hasee k660e Hasee k660e-i7 d1
Hasee k710c-i7 Schenker w350etq Schenker w350stq
Schenker w370et Schenker w370st Schenker Xmg a503
Schenker Xmg a504 Schenker Xmg a522 Schenker Xmg a523
Schenker Xmg a722 Schenker Xmg a723 p370em
p370sm p370sm-A p375sm
p150 Series p150em Series p150hm Series
p150sm p151 Series p151em Series
p151hm Series p151hm1 Series p170 Series
p170em Series p170hm Series p170hm3 Series
p170sm Terrans Force x711 Hasee k670e
Hasee k670e-i7 d1 m72x m72x R
m72x S m72x Sr m72x T
m73x T Series Mobinote m72 Mobinote m720
Mobinote m720r Mobinote m720s Mobinote m721
Mobinote m721s Mobinote m721t Mobinote m722
Mobinote m722s Mobinote m725 Mobinote m725r
Mobinote m725s Mobinote m72r Mobinote m72s
w240hu Sager p375 w255cew
w230st Barebones w251eu w130
w547 Hasee k610c Hasee k650d
Hasee k650d-i5 Hasee k710c Hasee k710c-i7 d1
Hasee k750d Hasee k750d-i7 Hasee k750d-i7 d1
Schenker b713 w650s w650sh
w650sj w650sr w650sz
w670sjq w670szq1 x900
p377sm x911 3icr18/65
g150s Thunderobot g150s w940s
t890 wa50 Hasee z7
Hasee z8 Schenker t5 p650se
p650sg p650sa w950

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery clevo to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the clevo battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the clevo battery.
  4. Clevo laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the clevo battery from your clevo laptop when running on fixed power.

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