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Replacement Packard Bell Laptop Battery

Packard Bell laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the packard bell laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every packard bell battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and packard bell laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Packard Bell Battery Listed by Part No.

15g10n372500p8 cbi0998a bp3s2p2200(P)
bp3s2p2200 441806000002 40006487
7028650000 7035210000 7044290000
441681700033 441681700034 441681710001
441681720001 441681700001 Squ-802
Squ-803 934t3000f 934t3880f
a33-h17 a32-h17 a32-h15
h15l726 4ur18650f-Qc-pl1a 4ur18650y-2-Qc-pl1
4ur18650y-Qc-pl1a 916c6080f 916c6110f
916c7010f 916c7030f 916c7660f
916c7680f Cgr-B/458 Cgr-B/8d8
Eup-p3-3-22 Eup-p3-4-22 Eup-p3-4-23
Eup-p5-1-22 Quanta Al-096 pl3c Quanta Al-096 pl5c
Squ-702 Squ-703 3ur18650-2-t0124
916c7430f 916c7440f Eup-p2-4-24
Eup-p2-4-26 Eup-p2-5-24 40007877
441684400001 441684400002 441684400003
441684400011 441684400012 441684410001
441684410002 441684410003 441684410012
441684430001 441684430007 Bp-8399
Bp-8599 Bp-8x99 cbi1010a
l6p-cg0511 Bt.t3007.003 Bt.t3004.001
Bp-Lyn 4000 Bp-Lyn Bp-Cal
Bp-8089 8889 8389
8089x 8089p 7038840000
7018840000 7018440000 7009510000
7001820000 6903120000 442683000001
442682840004 442682800030 2c.2k710.021
40009421 40013176 41681700001
4416817 441681730001 441681740001
441681740003 441681740005 441681760001
441681760003 441681760005 441681770001
441681771001 441681772101 441681773001
441681780001 441681780003 441681783001
441681790002 441685710002 Bp-8050
Bp-8050(P) Bp-8050(S) Bp-8050i
Btp-8224(S) s26391-f6120-l450 15g10n372500pb
15g10n3737b0p8 7436800000 7441520000
a32-t32 a41-t32 l082031
l0890d1 as09a51 as09a56
as09a61 as09a70 as09a71
Ak.004bt.085 as10d56 as10d41
as10d51 Al-096 pl5c
442682800027 442682800018 442682800015
442682800014 442682800008 442682800004
442682800002 442682800001 442677000013
442677000010 442677000007 442677000005
442677000004 442677000003 442677000001
40006825 3cgr18650a3-Msl 3ur18650-2-t0123
Eup-p1-4-24 23ud420000 23-ud4200-00
23ud44103a 23-ug5a10-3b 23-ug5a11-3a
Bp-8227 3ur18650f-2-qc163 dhs5

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

Easynote lj61 Easynote lj63 Easynote lj65
Easynote lj67 Easynote lj71 Easynote lj73
Easynote lj75 Easynote a5 Easynote a5340
Easynote a5380 Easynote a5530 Easynote a5560
Easynote a7 Easynote a7145 Easynote a7178
Easynote a7718 Easynote a7720 Easynote a8
Easynote a8202 Easynote a8400 Easynote a8550
Easynote lm81 Easynote lm82 Easynote lm83
Easynote lm85 Easynote lm86 Easynote lm86-Gn-005
Easynote lm86-Jn-009 Easynote lm87 Easynote lm94
Easynote lm98 Easynote ls11-Hr Easynote ls13-Hr
Easynote nm85 Easynote nm85-Jn-030ge Easynote nm86
Easynote nm86-Gn-010 Easynote nm87 Easynote nm87-Jn-030ge
Easynote tk36 Easynote tk36-Av-115 Easynote tk37
Easynote tk37-t354g25mn Easynote tk81 Easynote tk81-Sb-001ge
Easynote tk83 Easynote tk83-Rb-005ge Easynote tk85
Easynote tk85-Gn-008ge Easynote tk87 Easynote tk87-Gu-210
Easynote tm01 Easynote tm80 Easynote tm80-Rb-019
Easynote tm81 Easynote tm82 Easynote tm82-Rb-040
Easynote tm83 Easynote tm85 Easynote tm86
Easynote tm86-Gn-004 Easynote tm86-Gn-005 Easynote tm87
Easynote tm89 Easynote tm94 Easynote ts11
Easynote Argo C Easynote mz35 Easynote mz35-001
Easynote mz35-100 Easynote mz35-200 Easynote mz35-U-005
Easynote mz35-V-054 Easynote mz35-V-057 Easynote mz35-V-060
Easynote mz35-V-080 Easynote mz35-V-081 Easynote mz35-V-106
Easynote mz36 Easynote mz36-R-017 Easynote mz36-T-015
Easynote mz36-T-019 Easynote mz36-U-001 Easynote mz36-U-038
Easynote mz36-U-086 Easynote mz36-V-107 Easynote mz36-V-113
Easynote mz36-V-117 Easynote mz36-V-120 Easynote mz36-V-122
Easynote gp2 Easynote gp2w Easynote sb85
Easynote sb86 Easynote tk11bz Easynote tk13bz
Easynote ts11hr Easynote ts13hr Easynote ts44hr
Easy Note h3 Easy Note h5310 Easy Note h5315
Easy Note h5360 Easy Note h5530 Easy Note h5535
Easy Note h5605 Easy Note h5 Easynote d5710
Easynote d5712 Easynote d5720 Easynote r1000
Easynote r1004 Easynote r1005 Easynote r1800
Easynote r1978 Easynote r1908 Easynote r1980
Easy Note r2 Series Easy Note r2000 Easy Note r3 Series
Easy Note r3320 Easy Note r3400 Easy Note r4 Series
Easy Note r4250 Easy Note r4340 Easy Note r4355
Easy Note r4360 Easy Note r4510 Easy Note r4622
Easy Note r4650 Easy Note r5 Series Easy Note r5155
Easy Note r5175 Easy Note r6 Series Easy Note r6512
Easy Note r7 Series Easy Note r7710 Easy Note r7720
Easy Note r7725 Easy Note r7745 Easy Note r8 Series
Easy Note r8720 Easy Note r8740 Easy Note r8770
Easy Note r9 Series Easy Note r9200 Easy Note r9252
Easy Note r9500 Easynote b3 Series Easynote b3225
Easynote b3340 Easynote b3350 Easynote b3410
Easynote b3510 Easynote b3529 Easynote b3600
Easynote b3605 Easynote b3620 Easynote b3800
sw35 w8910 w8924
w8930 w8933 Easynote sl81
Easynote sl65 Easynote sl51 Easynote st85
Easynote st86 Easynote a32-h15 Easy Note bg35
Easy Note bg45 Easy Note bg46 Easy Note bg48
Easynote Bg Series Easynote bg35 Easynote bg35 Series
Easynote bg35-U-022 Easynote bg35-U-442 Easynote bg35-V-071
Easynote bg45 Easynote bg45 Series Easynote bg45-P-015
Easynote bg45-P-015be Easynote bg45-P-016 Easynote bg45-P-028
Easynote bg45-P-028il Easynote bg45-P-029 Easynote bg45-P-030
Easynote bg45-P-032 Easynote bg45-P-033il Easynote bg45-P-034
Easynote bg45-U-009d Easynote bg45-U-038ge Easynote bg45-U-040fr
Easynote bg45-U-041 Easynote bg45-U-042 Easynote bg45-U-049
Easynote bg45-U-071 Easynote bg45-U-075 Easynote bg45-U-101
Easynote bg45-U-300 Easynote bg46 Easynote bg46 Series
Easynote bg46-P-004 Easynote bg46-P-018 Easynote bg46-P-024
Easynote bg46-P-041w Easynote bg46-P-042 Easynote bg46-p030
Easynote bg47 Easynote bg47 Series Easynote bg47-M-001pt
Easynote bg47-M-049 Easynote bg47-M-049f Easynote bg47-M-049fr
Easynote bg47-M-050 Easynote bg47-Y-054 Easynote bg48
Easynote bg48 Series Easynote bg48-M-047 Easynote bg48-M-047fr
Easynote bg48-M-048 Easynote bg48-M-055 Easynote bg48-M-056fr
Easynote bg48-T-001ac Easynote bg48-T-543 Easynote bg48-U-001cl
Easynote bg48-U-002ru Easynote bg48-U-011 Easynote bg48-U-091
Easynote bg48-U-092 Easynote bg48-U-100nl Easynote bg48-U-200
Easynote bg48-U-332 Easynote bg48-U-445c Easynote bg48-V-010gr
Easynote bg48-V-071 Easynote hog00 Easynote Pb Hhours Gl
e5412 e5285 e5155se
e5151le e5151 e5147
e5146 e5145 e5142
e5141 e5140 Easy Note ml61 Series
Easy Note ml61-B-001fr Easy Note ml61-B-001ge Easy Note ml61-B-001nl
Easy Note ml61-B-001pt Easy Note ml61-B-001sa Easy Note ml61-B-001sp
Easy Note ml61-B-002fr Easy Note ml61-B-002spd Easy Note ml61-B-003be
Easy Note ml61-B-003fr Easy Note ml61-B-003ge Easy Note ml61-B-003sp
Easy Note ml61-B-010it Easy Note ml61-B-021it Easy Note ml61-B-022it
Easy Note ml61-B-101it Easy Note ml61-B-138nc Easy Note ml61-B-148nc
Easy Note ml61-B-300nc Easy Note ml61-B-400nc Easy Note ml61-B-440nc
Easy Note ml61-B-542nc Easy Note ml61-B-700ncd Easy Note ml61-B-770ncd
Easy Note ml65 Series Easy Note ml65-M-001sp Easy Note ml65-M-002sp
Easy Note ml65-M-003sp Easy Note ml65-M-005fr Easy Note ml65-M-006fr
Easy Note ml65-M-007fr Easy Note ml65-M-010gr Easy Note ml65-M-010tk
Easy Note ml65-M-015sa Easy Note ml65-M-029tk Easy Note ml65-M-030tk
Easy Note ml65-M-054tk Easy Note ml65-M-102it Easy Note ml65-P-001il
Easy Note ml65-T-001pt Easy Note ml65-T-001spd Easy Note ml65-T-004sp
Easy Note ml65-T-005sp Easynote dt85 Easynote lj77
Easynote Butterfly M Easynote Butterfly M-Eu-003 Easynote Butterfly M-Fm-160
Easynote Butterfly M-Fm-440nc Dot S/B-003 It Butterfly Xs
Dot Mr/U Dot Mr/U Uk/002 Dot Mu
Dot vr46 003fr Dot vr46 Easynote Butterfly Xs
Easynote Butterfly Xs-Eu-002sp Easynote Butterfly Xs-Ev-001 Easynote Butterfly Xs-Ev-001uk
Dot M Dot M/A Easynote mx35
Easynote mx36 Easynote mx36-T-048 Easynote mx36-U-049
Easynote mx36-U-050 Easynote mx37 Easynote mx45
Easynote mx45-203 Easynote mx45-204 Easynote mx45-O-006
Easynote mx45-O-023 Easynote mx51 Easynote mx51-202
Easynote mx51-205 Easynote mx51-B-035 Easynote mx51-B-037
Easynote mx52 Easynote mx52-B-004 Easynote mx52-B-083
Easynote mx52-B-085 Easynote mx65 Easynote mx65-038
Easynote mx65-042 Easynote mx65-100 Easynote mx66
Easynote mx66-005 Easynote mx66-207 Easynote mx66-208
Easynote gn25 Easynote gn45 Easynote mh35
Easynote mh35-V-075 Easynote mh36 Easynote mh45
Easynote mh85 Easynote mh88 Easy Note sb85-P-021
Easynote f0335 Easynote mz35-217 Easynote mz35-U-014
Easynote mz35-V-013 Easynote mz35-V-071 Easynote mz36-U-024
Easynote sb85-P-010 Easynote sb85-P-015 Easynote sb85-P-022d
Easynote sb85-P-053 Easynote sb86-P-001 Easynote sb86-P-009
Easynote sb86-P-017w Easynote sb86-P-028 Easynote sb86-P-030
Easynote sb86-P-032 Easynote sb86-P-033 Easynote sb86-P-034
Easynote sb86-P-036 Easynote sb86-P-037 Easynote sb86-P-038
Easynote h5 Easynote h5264 Easynote h5264w
Easynote h5308 Easynote h5310 Easynote h5315
Easynote h5360 Easynote h5530 Easynote h5535
Easynote h5605 Easynote sl35 Easynote sl45
Easy Note f5 Easy Note f5275 Easy Note f5277
Easy Note f5280 Easy Note f5280 Hr Easy Note f5281
Easy Note f5281 Hr Easy Note f5287 Easy Note f7
Easy Note f7280 Easy Note f7300 Easy Note f7305
Easy Note f7305/P Easynote f5275 Easynote f5277
Easynote f5280 Easynote f5281 Easynote f5287
Easynote f7280 Easynote f7300 Easynote f7305
Easynote e2363 Easynote e2311 Easy Note Mit-nyn0z
Easy Note Mit-lyn08 Easy Note Mit-lyn02 Easy Note Mit-lyn01
Easy Note Mit-cai0mit-cai02 Series Easy Note Easy Note e1245 Easy Note e6310
Easy Note e6307 Easy Note e6300 Easy Note e6290 Series
Easy Note e6037 Easy Note e6000 Easy Note e6 Series
Easy Note e5138 Easy Note e5 Series Easy Note e4710
Easy Note e4 Series Easy Note e3266 Easy Note e3265
Easy Note e3258 Easy Note e3256 Easy Note e3255
Easy Note e3250 Easy Note e3248 Easy Note e3246
Easy Note e3245 Easy Note e3244 Easy Note e3242
Easy Note e3240 Easy Note e3228 Easy Note e3227
Easy Note e3225 Easy Note e3220 Easy Note e3215
Easy Note e3208 Easy Note e3204 Easy Note e3 Series
Easy Note e2 Series Easy Note e1510 Easy Note e1280
Easy Note e1260 Easy Note e1 Series Easy Note E Series
Easynote r0901 Easynote r2000 Easynote r3320
Easynote r3400 Easynote r4250 Easynote r4340
Easynote r4355 Easynote r4360 Easynote r4510
Easynote r4622 Easynote r4650 Easynote r5155
Easynote r5175 Easynote r6110 Easynote r6510
Easynote r6512 Easynote r7710 Easynote r7717
Easynote r7720 Easynote r7723 Easynote r7725
Easynote r7745 Easynote r8720 Easynote r8740
Easynote r8770 Easynote r9200 Easynote r9252
Easynote r9500 Alp-Horus g2 Horus Gb
Easynote sw45 Easynote sw51 Easynote sw61
Easynote sw85 Easynote sw86 Easynote sw86-P-012
Easynote sw86-P-013 Easynote nj31 Easynote nj32
Easynote nj65 Easynote nj66 Easynote Butterfly S
Easynote Butterfly S-Ec-010 Easynote Butterfly S-Fc-011uk Easynote tx86
Easynote tx86-Gn-041 Easynote tx86-Go-035 Easynote tx86-Go-035uk
Easynote tx86-Go-045uk Easynote tx86-Jo-045 Easynote Dot s2
Easynote tj61 Easynote tj62 Easynote tj63
Easynote tj64 Easynote tj65 Easynote tj65-Au-052
Easynote tj65-Au-054 Easynote tj65-Au-061 Easynote tj65-Au-065
Easynote tj66 Easynote tj67 Easynote tj67-Au-051
Easynote tj67-Au-054 Easynote tj67-Au-060 Easynote tj68
Easynote tj68-Au-031 Easynote tj68-Au-052 Easynote tj68-Au-061
Easynote tj68-Au-065 Easynote tj71 Easynote tj71-Rb-034
Easynote tj71-Rb-050 Easynote tj71-Rb-055 Easynote tj72
Easynote tj73 Easynote tj74 Easynote tj76
Easynote tj78 Easynote tr81 Easynote tr82
Easynote tr83 Easynote tr85 Easynote tr86
Easynote tr87

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery packard bell to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the packard bell battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the packard bell battery.
  4. Packard Bell laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the packard bell battery from your packard bell laptop when running on fixed power.

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