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Replacement Emachine Laptop Battery

Emachine laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the emachine laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every emachine battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and emachine laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

Emachines e510 Emachines e520 Emachines g420
Emachines g520 Emachines g620 Emachines g720
d620 emd620 d440
d440-1202g16mn d440-1202g25mn d440-1202g32mn
d442 d442-v081 d528
d528-2062 d530 d640
d640-p321g32mn d640g d642
d730 d730-332g25 d730g
d732 d732-7000 d732-7025
d732g d732z d732z-4717
d732zg e440 e440-1317
e440-1394 e440-1434 e440-1616
e440-1653 e440-1680 e442
e530 e640 e640-n833g25mi
e640-n833g25mn e640-n833g32mn e640-p1202g25mn
e640g e640g-p323g32mn e640g-p324g32mn
e640g-p324g50mn e642 e650
e730 e732 e732-372g16mn
e732-373g25mn e732-373g32mn e732-7096
e732g e732g-3373g32mn e732g-372g32mi
e732g-374g50mn eme732 eme732-372g50mn
eme732g emg730 emg730g
emg730zg g440 g530
g640 g640-p323g25mn g640-p324g25mn
g640-p324g32mn g640-p324g50mn g640-p342g32mn
g640-p344g50mn g640g g640g-n833g32mn
g640g-p322g25mi g640g-p322g50mnks g640g-p323g25mi
g640g-p323g32mn g730 g730-333g50mn
g730-334g32mn g730g g730g-332g32miks
g730g-333g50mn g730zg g730zg-p614g32mn
g730zg-p622g32mi d525 d725
m2000 Series m2105 m2350
m2352 m6000 Series m6410
m6412 m6414 m6805
m6807 m6809 m6810
m6811 m5000 Series m5105
m5106 m5108 m5116
m5120 m5121 m5124
m5305 m5307 m5309
m5310 m5312 m5313
m5314 m5315 m5320
m5405 m5410 m5412
m5414 350 em350 Series
e732g-333g32mnkk e732g-3382g50mn e732g-373g32mnkk
e732g-373g50mnkk e732g-374g50mnkk e732g-382g32mnkk
e732g-383g50mnkk e732g-384g50mnkk e732z-a12b
e732z-p612g32 e732z-p613g32mnkk e732zg-p612g25mikk
e732zg-p613g32mnkk e732zg-p614g32mnkk e720
g420 g520 g620
g720 e510 e510-1a1g12mi
e510-1a2g12mi e510-301g16mi e510-Gb
e520 e520-2496 e520-572g12mi
e520-581g16mi e520-582g25mi e720-202g16mi
e720-322g16mi e720-323g32mi e720-342g16mi
e720-342g25mi e720-343g16mi e720-4179
e720-4191 e720-422g25mi e720-422g25mn
e720-424g32mi e720-4574 e720-4691
e720-4931 eme510 eme510-1a1g12mi
eme510-1a2g12mi eme510-1a2g16mi eme510-301g08mi
eme510-301g12mi eme510-301g16 eme510-301g16mi
eme510-302g16mi eme520 eme520-162g12mi
eme520-2496 eme520-2813 eme520-572g12mi
eme520-572g25mi eme520-582g16mi eme720
eme720-343g25mi eme720-422g25mi eme720-4574
eme720-4691 emg420-401g16mi emg420-422g25mi
emg520-162g16mi emg520-572g16mi emg620
emg620-602g12mi emg620-603g16mi emg620-623g25mi
emg620-623g32mi emg620-642g25mi emg620-644g32mi
emg620-652g25 emg620-652g25mi emg720-342g16mi
emg720-343g25mi emg720-34g16mi emg720-422g16
g420-401g12mi g420-422g16mi g420-422g25mi
g520-163g16mi g520-572g16mi g620-602g16mi
g620-603g16mi g620-603g32mi g620-623g25mi
g620-624g32mi g620-652g25mi g625-202g16mi
g625-203g16mi g625-203g25mi g625-423g25mi
g625-6c3g25mi g625-6c4g32mi g720-342g16mi
g720-343g25mi g720-343g32mi g720-423g32mi
g720-424g25mi e430 e430-101g16mi
e430-102g16mi e430-102g25mi e430-103g32mi
e630 e630-302g16mi e630-302g25mi
e630-302g32mi e630-303g25mi e630-304g25mi
e630-304g50mi e630-322g16mi e630-322g25mi
e630-322g32mi e630-323g25mi e630-324g32mi
eg525 em630 em630-302g16mi
em630-302g25mi eme430 eme430-102g16mi
eme430-102g25mi eme630 eme630-302g16mi
eme630-302g25mi eme630-303g25mi eme630-322g32mi
emg525 emg640 emg640g
g430 g430-102g25mi g430-103g32mi
g430-104g32mi g525 g525-162g25mi
g525-303g25mi g525-312g25mi g525-332g25mi
g525-332g25mikk g525-902g16mi g525-902g25mi
g525-903g16mi g525-903g25mi g525-903g32mi
g630 g630-302g25mi g630-303g32mi
g630-323g32mi g630g g630g-302g16mi
g630g-302g32mi g630g-303g32mi g630g-304g25mi
g725 g725-422g25mi g725-423g25mi
g725-423g32mi g725-424g32mi g725-432g25mi
g725-432g50mi g725-433g25mi g725-434g32mi
g725-442g25mi g725-443g25mi e628
eme628 250 250-01g16i
250-1162 250-301g16i em250
em250-1162 emd250 250 Series
em250 Series emd250 Series m2100
m2300 em350-21g25i em350-21g16i
em350-2074 350-21g25ikk 350-21g16ikk
350-21g16i e527-902g25m eme527-332g32mn
eme527-902g25mn d525-171g25mi d525-2147
d525-2299 d525-2836 d525-2925
d525-2957 d525-311g16mi d525-312g16mi
d525-901g16mi d525-901g25mi d525-902g16mi
d725-421g16mi d725-421g25mi d725-431g16mn
d725-431g25mi d725-431g32mi d725-432g32mi
d725-441g25mi d725-441g32mi d725-442g25mi
e525 e525-162g25mi e525-164g25mi
e525-2200 e525-2299 e525-2491
e525-2632 e525-2954 e525-2957
e525-2974 e525-302g25mi e525-312g25mi
e525-572g16mi e525-573g16mi e525-901g16mi
e525-901g1mi e525-902g16mi e525-902g25mi
e525-903g16mi e525-903g25mi e525-903g32mi
e527 e527-311g16mi e527-332g25mikk
e527-332g25mn e527-334g25mikk e527-901g16mn
e527-902g25mi e527-903g25mi e625
e625-202g16mi e625-202g25mi e625-203g16mi
e625-5103 e625-5192 e625-5315
e625-5712 e625-5776 e625-5813
e625-5972 e625-5982 e625-6c3g25mi
e625-6c4g32mi e627 e627-201g16mi
e627-202g25mi e627-202g32mi e627-203g25mi
e627-203g32mi e627-363g25mi e627-5012
e627-5019 e627-5082 e627-5279
e627-5436 e627-5555 e627-5583
e725 e725-421g16mi e725-422g25mi
e725-423g25mi e725-432g25mi e725-432g32mi
e725-433g16mi e725-433g25mi e725-434g25mi
e725-434g50mi e725-442g16mi e725-443g25mi
e725-444g50mi e725-4520 e725-4923
em627 em627-202g25mi em627-202g32mi
em627-5765 em627-6c2g25mi em725-422g25m1
em725-432g25mi em725-433g25mi em725-441g25mi
em725-443g32mi em725-4520 eme525
eme525-017 eme525-11 eme525-162g25mi
eme525-2051 eme525-2140 eme525-2200
eme525-2491 eme525-2632 eme525-302g25mi
eme525-312g25mi eme525-312g32mi eme525-901g16mi
eme525-901g25mi eme525-902g16mi eme525-902g25mi
eme525-903g25mi eme527 eme527-2537
eme625 eme625-201g16mi eme625-202g16mi
eme625-204g16mi eme625-204g25gmi eme625-204g25mi
eme625-5103 eme625-5192 eme625-5712
eme625-5776 eme625-5813 eme625-5972
eme625-6c3g25mi eme627 eme627-201g16mi
eme627-202g25mi eme627-204g25mi eme627-5082
eme627-5279 eme627-5583 eme627-5974
eme725 eme725-421g16mi eme725-422g25
eme725-422g25mi eme725-422g32mi eme725-423g25mi
eme725-423g25mn eme725-423g32mi eme725-432g32mi
eme725-433g32mi eme725-434g32mi eme725-442g25mi
eme725-442g32mi eme725-444g50mi eme725-4520
eme725-4923 eme725-4955 eme725-4986
g625 g627 g627-202g16mi
g627-202g25mi g627-203g25mi g627-204g32mi

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery emachine to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the emachine battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the emachine battery.
  4. Emachine laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the emachine battery from your emachine laptop when running on fixed power.

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