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Replacement Uniwill Laptop Battery

Uniwill laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the uniwill laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every uniwill battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and uniwill laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Uniwill Battery Listed by Part No.

n34as1 n34as2 n35as
n35b n35bs2 un34as1-E
223 3s4000 f1p1 223 3s4000 s1p1 23 uf4a00 0a
468280 679738 258-3s4400-s2m1
23-ud4000-3a 23-ud4200-00 23ud40003a
63-ud4024-30 755-4s4000-s1p1 755-4s4000-s2m1
755-4s4400-s2m1 7554s4000s1p1 7554s4000s2m1
7554s4400s2m1 a5527524 un755
23-u54053-22 23-ua5202-00 23-uc1200-00
4cgr18650-h2 cbi0769a n34bs
n34bs2 n35bs n35bs1
un34b un34bs1 un34bs1-E
un34bs1-P un34bs1-T un34bs2
un35b un35bs1 un35bs2
23-u74201-31 23-u74204-00 23-u74204-10
23-ub0201-20 23-ud3202-00 243-4s4400-s2m1
Bat-243s1 un243 un243s
un243s1 un243s1-T un243s8
un243s8-P un243s9 un243s9-P
n755 90-0602-0020 90-0602-0021
bp34as1 un34as1 un34as1-s1
un34as1-T un34as2-T un34as6
un34asi nbp001390-00 23-ud7010-0f
23-ud7110-1b 258-3s4400-s1s1 63-ud7021-00
63-ud7022-1a 63-ud7022-3a f01
f04 nbp001374-00 nbp001395-00
sa2004801 l51-3s4000-g1l1 l51-3s4000-g1l3
l51-3s4000-s1p3 l51-3s4400-c1l3 l51-3s4400-g1l3
23gl1ga0f-8a 23gl2g0g0-8a 23gl2ga00-8a
23gl2gf00-4a 23gl2gf10-Ga 63-gl51028-1a
63-gl51028-8a 63-gl51028-Aa 63gl51028-1a
63gl51028-8a 63gl51028-Aa l51-3s4000-c1l1
l51-3s4000-c1s3 l51-3s4400-c1p3 l51-3s4400-c1s5
l51-3s4400-g1b1 l51-3s4400-g1p3 l51-3s4400-s1l3
l51-3s4400-s1s5 l51-4s2000-c1l1 l51-4s2000-c1s2
l51-4s2000-g1l1 l51-4s2000-s1p3 l51-4s2200-c1l3
l51-4s2200-g1b1 l51-4s2200-g1l3 l51-4s2200-s1l3
l51-4s2200-s1p3 l51-4s2200-s1s5 un243s1-t242
un243s8-e1 258-4s4400-s1p1 258-4s4400-s2m1
63-ud7024-2a 63-ud7024-9a un258-4s
63-ud4023-2a 63-ud4023-40 755-354000
755-3s4000-s1p1 755-3s4400-s1p1 755-3s4400-s2m1
755-4s4000-c1s1 755-4s4000-s1s1 755-4s4400-c1s1
7553s4000s1p1 23-ub1201-00 351-3s8800-s1p1
3513s8800-s1p1 63-uc2021-00 77111524
Lt-Ba-un351s1 Lt-Ba-un356s1 un351
un351s1 un351s1-s1 un355
un355s1 un355s1-T un355v1
un355v1-s1 un356 un356s-s1
un356s1 un356s1-s1 23gu1da00-Da
63gu40026-1a 63gu40028-3a 63gu40028-7a
930t6270f u40-3s2200-c1l3 u40-3s2200-s1b1
u40-3s3000-b1y1 u40-3s3700-b1y1 u40-3s4000-g1b1
u40-3s4000-g1l1 u40-3s4000-g1l3 u40-3s4000-m1h1
u40-3s4000-s1l1 u40-3s4000-s1l2 u40-3s4000-s1s1
u40-3s4400-b1n1 u40-3s4400-c1h1 u40-3s4400-c1m1
u40-3s4400-e1m1 u40-3s4400-g1b1 u40-3s4400-g1l3
u40-3s4400-s1g1 u40-4s2200-c1h1 u40-4s2200-c1l3
u40-4s2200-c1m1 u40-4s2200-e1m1 u40-4s2200-g1b1
u40-4s2200-g1l1 u40-4s2200-g1l3 u40-4s2200-m1a1
u40-4s2200-m1a2 u40-4s2200-s1b1 u40-4s2200-s1l1
u40-4s2200-s1s1 u40-4s2200-s1s5 63gum4023-1acm
x20-3s4000-s1p3 x20-3s4400-c1s5 x20-3s4400-g1l2
x20-3s4400-s1p3 x20-3s4400-s1s5 3s4400-g1s5-05
3s4400-g1s2-05 3s4400-g1l3-07 3s4400-g1l3-05
3s4400-c1s5-07 3s4400-c1s1-07 3s3600-s1a1-07
23-guj001f-9a 23-guj002f-3a 23-uj001f-3a
4s4400-s1s1-01 63-uj0024-0a ct1 23-ud4410-3a
7014870000 7018480000 7553s4400s1p1
7553s4400s1s1 755-3s4400-s1s1 7553s4400s2m1
755-4s4000-s2s1 909-2220 23-ug5a1f-3b
23-ug5a1f-3c 23-ug5c10-0a 23-ug5c1f-0a
23-ug5c40-1a 23-ug5f1f-0a 23-ug5f1f-4a
23-vg5f1f-4a 23gug5a1f-3c 23vgf1f-4a
255-354400-f1p1 255-354400-g1l1 255-354400-s1s1
255-3s4000-s1p3 255-3s4400-c1s1 255-3s4400-f1p1
255-3s4400-g1l1 255-3s4400-g1p1 255-3s4400-g1p3
255-3s4400-s1s1 255-3s6600-f1p1 255-4s2000-s1p3
3s4400-f1p1-02 3s4400-g1p1-02 3s4400-g1p3-02
3s4400-s1p3-02 3s4400-s1s1-02 3s6600-s1s1-02
63-ug5023-0a 63-ug5023-3a 63-ug5023-3c
63-ug5023-4a 63-ug5023-6a 63-ug5023-Ba
63-ug5023-Ma 63-ug5023-Ra 63-uk6021-1a
63gug5023-2a 63gug5023-Ba 7025340000
7027210000 805n00017 805n00033
930c4540 930c4550 930c4580f
930c4610 bp255 nbp001402-00

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

223ii 223ii0 223iio
c9923 Dtk 12w 223ii Dtk Maxforce 223ii
Hyundai 223ii Hyundai n223ii Jewel 233ii0
Jewel Topaz 9600 Lam n223 lc2100
Model 223 n223ii Northgate 223
Northgate n223 Premier n223ii0 Pursuit 4105
Pursuit 4110 Stamp 223 Stamp 223ii
Systemax n223ii Systemax n223ii0 Tatung n223ii
Vega Vegaplus 223 Visconte 120 w200
Xterasys n223 n223 n258 Kao
n755 n755ca5 n755ia
n755ia0 n755ia6 n755iax
n755ii n755ii0 n755ii1
n755ii5 n755ii8 n755iix
n755in n755in0 n755inx
n34b n35b n243
n244 755ca3 n755ca3
755ci0 755ia 755ii1
755ii8 755in 755si
755si4 245 245ii0
245ti0 245ti2 255
255elx 255en 255enx
255ii3 255iix 255ti2
259 259ei 259ei3
259elx 259en 259en3
259enx 259ia0 259ia1
259ia2 259ia3 259ia7
259ii0 259ii1 259ki2
n245ii0 n245ti0 n245ti2
n255elx n255en n255enx
n255ii3 n255iix n255ti2
n255ti3 n259ei n259ei3
n259elx n259en n259en3
n259enx n259ia0 n259ia1
n259ia2 n259ia3 n259ia7
n259ii0 n259ii1 n259ki2
un255 245ei0 245ei2
255ki3 255ti3 259ei1
259ki3 259ki8 259ti2
n245 n255 n259
n259ki3 n259ki8 n259ti2
p71 p71en p71en0
p72 p72en p72en0
p72ia n34a n34as
n34as1 n34as2 258kkao
n258 n258as n258ax
n258ka n258ka0 n258sa
258sa0 n258sa0 n258sau
n258sax l50ii0 l50ii5
l50ri0 l51ai l51aix
l51ii l51iix l51ri
l51rix l53ri0 l70ii0
l51ii3 l51ii5 l51ii9
l53 l55ii0 l55ii9
l70 l71ii3 l75ii0
l75ii8 242 243
n243s n243s1 n243s2
n243s6 n243s7 n243s8
n243s9 n243sa n243sb
n243si n244ii n244ii0
n244iio n258kao n258sao
n755ci0 n755inchesx n755si4
n755ii7 n351 n351c2
n351s1 n351s1-s6 n351s4
n355 n356 f71il1
u40si1 u40si2 u40six
u50si1 u50si2 u50six
u51il1 x20 x20ia
p55im p75im0 l50 Series
u40 p71xx p72enx
p72ia0 p72ia9 p72iax
p72in0 p72xx x72ia
x72ia6 x72iax

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery uniwill to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the uniwill battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the uniwill battery.
  4. Uniwill laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the uniwill battery from your uniwill laptop when running on fixed power.

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